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Branding for NiceFlowers by The Visual Corner

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We provide a complete branding and design service for brands and entrepreneurs. We understand the importance of good branding and offer our extensive range of expertise as part of the service.

We will be working with you throughout the process and beyond and so your customised quote will be based on time and expertise needed for your specific brief.  It’s all about finding your uniqueness and making it shine.

Our services are created as a starting point to think about your business needs and discover your future business desires.

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We know that branding may seem like a big investment but it plays an essential part in the future success of your business. You will find it becomes the heart of everything you do. 

We want you to enjoy your branding journey and we look forward to being a support as well as an inspiration each step of the way. Here we have created two additional services for you to further enhance your brand.


“We have noticed an important change in the perception of our company since working with Mercy, and it is undoubtedly thanks to her strategy and design capacity.

More magazines from the fashion industry have reached out to us since the launch of our new website. We are super happy with the results! Mercy has managed to take the brand to a higher level!



L’arca barcelona

each project is unique

Our tailored branding process

The branding process is not just about creating a collection of graphics but about conveying your story, deepening client engagement and growing your business. It’s about realising the potential within your brand. 

Having a tried and tested process in place helps us ensure we will get the very best results for you.  And if you choose us for your web design, you will have us from the idea until the launch.

discovery phase: research & define

Delve deep into your business mission, values and aesthetic then fine tune these aspects to discover the key points you’d like to communicate via your new brand.

design phase: creating & refine

Create a unique brand identity and collateral, choose a colour palette, create stylish photography and a website to all work with each other in unison and perfectly communicate everything that your business stands for.

launch phase: deliverables & unveil

Compile a strategic timeline to successfully launch each aspect of your new brand. Choose the relevant platforms to communicate your launch to both your existing and new audiences.


It can vary depending on the size of the project and accompanying deliverables. But for branding only, you should expect anywhere between 6 to 10 weeks. If you also chose to have art direction and web design, this timeline can extend up to 14 weeks.

Normally our clients  book 1-2 months ahead.  Booking in advance helps us to manage our schedules and ensure that we can deliver your project within your desired time frame too. So if you would like to work with us we recommend that you contact us as soon as you can.

We are very respectful of both our clients’ and our own work time, so please consider this before asking for an urgent project.  If we have the time available to schedule you in, of course we will.

Not as such but if you are starting out and only need the basic elements we would suggest  our “Great Start” plan. Branding is more than just a logo, it is the core of your business. The same would apply to website design.

We do! We understand that branding can be a big investment, so depending on your needs and the size of the project, we can split the payment in up to 4 payments. Just let us know in advance so we can find the best solution for you. 

Please note the reservation fee will have to be paid in full to guarantee your spot on our agenda. 

Every brand is unique and so to honor that, we will create personalised proposals for each and every one of our clients. Normally, our projects fall anywhere between the 2.9 to 9K range. On average our clients spend around 6,900 € for a branding and custom web design. 

Yes, we do! But only to ongoing clients and some long-term clients. We appreciate your understanding. 

This is another reason all proposals are unique to each client, depending on their needs. If you are interested in more design services, please let us know prior to booking to reserve the space in our agenda for you. We love to create unique pieces, packaging and any other material you may need for your business!

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Nicole Simpson Amethys skincare CEO

One of the best experiences I’ve ever had working with a brand stylist.

I knew from our first conversation, Mercy was different. She went above and beyond expectation and saw the potential of what our brand could be. Not only did she provide expert designer advice, she also styled our brand to be unique and impactful in the marketplace. 

We absolutely love the work she did for us. 



amethyst skincare

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Each year we take on a limited number of projects from well funded start-ups to more established businesses and this too means we can focus on your goals and really add personal value.  We create custom packages for each and every one of our clients. 

For more details on how we can help you and your business, please contact us using this form below. 

The Experialist luxury weddin planner branding by The vIsual corner

I contacted Mercy because my brand image did not represent me for a long time and I felt like I needed a change. After a few years of the release, I had a more clear vision of what I needed, but I didn’t know how to make it real and Mercy totally got what I had in mind for “The Experialist” branding.

Her knowledge of branding and design talent are incredibleNot to mention that it is very easy to work with her and she does everything possible to understand you, help you, advise you and even encourage you. Working with her has been a pleasure at all levels.


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