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Brand Stylist Mercy Guzmán form The Visual Corner


Maison Francis branding by The Visual Corner studio

“We knew we wanted to work with Mercy from the first day we met her. Working alongside her was an absolute dream

Her energy spoke volumes not just about her aesthetics but about her work ethic and who she is as a person, which is very important when working so closely with someone on something so personal. Your brand is your introduction to the world, and it is so important for it to feel like an extension of you.

Mercy’s work is beautiful and seamless, she has an impeccable eye for detail, and not rest until it’s perfect. She has an incredible passion for her projects. As a fellow creative, one of the things we appreciate the most about how Mercy works, is that every project she will take on will be a perfect match on both her and her clients’ sides, bringing an end result that feels genuine and cohesive, and that perfectly translates the soul behind each brand. Mercy becomes a medium that translates your vision and mission into powerful imagery and collaterals for your brand. We are so happy to have a creative partner in Mercy on this journey! 



maison francis


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