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vintage & sustainable fashion brand 

New brand image and bespoke web design to raise the perception of the brand.

L’Arca Barcelona is a dream brand to work for. A project by two sisters, with a love of old things, they specialise in the creation of vintage bridal dresses and the most beautiful fashion of a bygone era. (their work is highly acclaimed and was featured in the Hollywood movie Titanic) 

Their commitment to sustainability means they are always on the hunt for unique pieces such as antique lace or vintage inspired shawls – pieces with a past that can be restored into modern couture for the present. Their incredible collection dates back from 1899 to the present day.

L'Arca Barcelona website de Mercy Guzman

The before and after 

Their website was not appealing to their ideal target audience or the fashion press.

We helped them discover a new balance in their aesthetic. We worked on their brand colour to find a palette which would not only compliment their vast amount of photography, accumulated from editorial collaborations but also colours to be associated with a more fashion conscious audience.  The selection of the brand typography was very intentional, aiming to elevate the look and feel of the brand in a more aligned direction, similar to high-fashion magazines.

The end result has made them more popular than ever and able to communicate much more effectively with their ideal customers. 

Premium e-commerce for L'Arca Barcelona by The Visual Corner branding studio in Barcelona

“We have noticed an important change in the perception of our company since working with Mercy, and it is undoubtedly thanks to her strategy and design capacity.

More magazines from the fashion industry have reached out to us since the launch of our new website. We are super happy with the results! Mercy has managed to take the brand to a higher level!



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