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Crea IMÁGENES ESTRATÉGICAS para tu marca que transmitan TUS VALORES y TU BELLEZA


Servicio de Dirección de arte y creación de contenido visual para marcas y emprendedores.

En la sociedad digital actual, las imágenes de tu marca deben ser tan poderosas como el contenido que creas. O más. Consumimos mucha información visual, por eso es importante que tus imágenes de marca sean reconocibles. Es importante que detrás de ellas haya un concepto y una estratégia.
En el studio nos encanta crear imágenes que puedan hacer destacar tu marca, tus productos y servicios del resto, siempre desde nuestra visión artística. Sabemos el impacto que tiene la imagen correcta delante de tu cliente ideal.

te ayudamos con:

  • Diseño y desarrollo de un concepto

  • Dirección creativa

  • Diseño de set (escena)/h4>

  • Fotografía de producto

  • Fotografías para marca personal

Creamos imágenes para tu marca que despierten el deseo de tu consumidor ideal. Diseñamos tu sesión desde la estética (actual y aspiracional), tus valores y la voz de tu marca.

Product styling and set design for Akytania by The Visual Corner

«Our brand identity has totally turned around after going through with the photoshoot. We have managed to connect with new brands and high level collaborators, who write to us saying they love our imagery.

In the end, all this has translated into new business opportunities, new clients, more sales, and more followers. We will repeat for sure!»

La percepción de nuestra marca ha dado un giro increíble desde que realizamos la sesión de fotos.
Hemos conectado con nuevas marcas y clientes más alineados al tipo de servicio premium que ofrecemos. También hemos ganado muchos nuevos alumnos en nuestra academia. Nuestra nueva imagen se ha traducido en más ventas, mejores oportunidades de negocio y más seguidores en redes sociales. ¡Repetimos seguro!

flor terbeck

Descubre nuestro trabajo de Dirección creativa & creación de contenido

Brand photography & set design for floral designer

client: maison Francis

We designed and styled this beautiful set we used to create new powerful images in line the new brand brand identity we created prior to the photoshoot.

Photography: Lena Karelova

Brand photography & set design for floral designer

client: maison Francis

We designed and styled this beautiful set we used to create new powerful images in line the new brand brand identity we created prior to the photoshoot.

Photography: Lena Karelova

Art direction & editorial photo shoot

client: lurdes bergada & syngman cucala

For this fashion client, we developed a concept, directed the casting, and found the perfect location to shoot their new collection.

Photography: Miriam Nuñez

Fashion brand photoshoot for e-commerce & social media

client: Ariane Delarue

Photography is a very important part of the brand image. To present her new website and collection, our client asked us to find the ideal environment and model for her photo shoot. We also assisted in the execution of their product photography.

Photography: Miriam Nuñez

Product & social media photography for a sustainable toy brand

client: Lolaletost

As part of our branding work for this project,  our mission was to design a colorful visual universe for the new company’s visual strategy. In which case I would say a colorful visual universe to translate this new company’s visual strategy.

Photography: Mercé Ghost

Brand photographs for a unique gift company

client: Une belle journée

After creating both the branding and packaging for this company, our mission was to create the styling to bring the brand’s elegant aesthetic to their product and lifestyle photography.

Photography: Miriam Nuñez

Skincare brand photoshoot for social media & web

client: Amethyst skincare

Product photography is very important when it comes to positioning our brand. That’s why, when our clients asked us to put together a product photography session, we made sure it was full of light for their website and social media presence to convey their brand vision.

Photography: Miriam Nuñez

Creative brand photography for a floral designer duo

client: Rita Experience

This exquisite pair of floral designers needed updated photos to reveal their new brand identity and website.

Photography: Miriam Nuñez

Social media and corporate photography for a marketing agency

client: Seo ads formula

These clients are energy personified, so naturally, so did had to be their photoshoot! Being specialists in creating digital Unicorns (high coverage content), their visual strategy had to be impactful, professional and fun, very much in line with the personality of the owners of this online marketing agency. For this shoot we were in charge of styling, set design and concept. This is one of the funnest photoshoots we have gotten to do in the studio.

Photography: Miriam Nuñez

Art direction & photos for a delicate floral stylist

client: NiceFlowers

This photo shoot was created in conjunction with the photographer. The idea was to get images that evoke the poetry of flowers and the art of creating with them.

Photography: Miriam Nuñez

Brand photography for my studio

client: The Visual Corner

Social media and brand imagery for my own brand.

Photography: Lena Karelova


You have made the difficult easy. I really enjoyed the photo session«.

Working with you has been a pleasure. For the security you provide, for always offering a solution to my doubts and for your professionalism. You have become an essential member of my team. 



une belle journée

Book a consultation call for Content creation & Art Direction


It can vary depending on the size of the project and images to create. For entrepreneurs o product photography, you should expect anywhere between 3 to 6 weeks from start to finish.  

Normally our clients  book 3-5 weeks ahead.  Booking in advance helps us to manage our schedules and ensure that we can deliver your project within your desired time frame too. So if you would like to work with us we recommend that you contact us as soon as you can.

We are very respectful of both our clients’ and our own work time, so please consider this before asking for an urgent project.  If we have the time available to schedule you in, of course we will.

Yes! you can. A first start session will be the perfect choice for an entrepreneur or if you are looking for a partner to create your brand visual imagery. If you love the process and the results, we can always talk about a long term collaboration. 

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Mercy do magic! In a few days, she managed to create an amazing set for my brand photoshoot.

Everything was perfect and all team was a dream to work with.