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Let’s redefine how you show up in your business and your brand

I am Mercy, founder of The Visual Corner, a branding and design studio. With over 15 years of experience, I balance my time between serving clients, conducting workshops, and teaching.

In my role as creative director, it is my aim to assist you in uncovering your distinctiveness and envisioning the future of your brand. My mission is to delve deeply into your core essence, crafting bespoke branding solutions that are uniquely tailored to your needs.

I empower you to define the vision that will shape your present and your future.  

You brand possesses intrinsic characteristics that set it apart, and it’s this DNA of uniqueness that I strive to reveal and amplify.

Let's enhance the value of the brand you represent.

Mercy Guzmán

Your branding has to mirror
your true identity,
consciously shaped from the inside out

The Studio

Premium personal branding for Valentina Feres by The Visual Corner studio

Established in 2013, The Visual Corner Studio has cultivated an impressive portfolio, engaging in projects for both personal and commercial brands. Through collaborations with top creatives and professionals, our studio has garnered local and international clients, seeking premium, timeless, and modern branding solutions.

Our proven process is designed to clarify and elevate every facet of your brand. 

From positioning and messaging to styling, identity design, and beyond, we ensure a comprehensive approach to brand refinement.

With personalized and hands-on service, we guide our clients through a holistic transformation of their brands. 

Let’s showcase what distinguishes you in a manner that cannot be replicated by others.

tailor-made services:

we have been feature at:

40 Brilliant Brand Designers  /  Happy Designer Podcast Whitespace Magazine  / Artidi  /  The Brand Designer / Digiempren /  Casa de México Barcelona  Silvia Foz  /  Comeback magazine


One of the best experiences I’ve ever had working with a brand stylist.

I knew from our first conversation, Mercy was different. She went above and beyond expectation and saw the potential of what our brand could be. Not only did she provide expert designer advice, she also styled our brand to be unique and impactful in the marketplace. 

We absolutely love the work she did for us. 



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