Brand strategy and Consultancy services 

Deepen your understanding, be more intentional & gain clarity with your business

We believe that every brand must achieve a healthy balance between their objectives and the people behind them

Our brand consultancy services will help you overcome doubts, stop the loosing time and start thinking more strategically about your business. We’re here to help fast-forward your brand towards achieving your goals, and we always ensure that the process is manageable and realistic. Our aim is to help you express your true self, refine your brand essence and establish an authentic and coherent business foundation. 

1:1 sessions online

Brand consultancy for entrepreneurs 

If you feel you are not yet ready to embark on the branding process, brand consultancy is the ideal starting point. This is also a great option if you already have a corporate identity but feel that something is missing or doesn’t work as it should.


  • To work closely together to help you find your way forward with your personal brand & business.
  • To provide clear steps to make your decisions actionable.
  • Help you gain confidence making strategic decisions.


Entrepreneurs or small business owners who need an occasional support to clarifying their personal brand perception, services or message and are looking into actionable next steps to implement.

Stop looking at the neighbor’s business and wondering why they are always doing so well.

INVESTMENT: 297€ (+ TAX) 75 MIN online session.
If you feel you need this, book below.

+ PRE-SESSION QUESTIONAIRE so we can focus on what’s important for you.
+ FINAL DOC with notes OR VÍDEO the nexts two days after end of the session.

online – in person*

Brand strategy and consultancy for small business owners

If you’re a small business owner, chances are you’ve asked yourself some of these questions: How do you want others to perceive you? How can you showcase what sets you apart from the competition? How can you make your services and products stand out in your industry?

That’s where I come in to offer guidance and support. My brand consultancy and strategy services are designed to help you gain clarity and focus your efforts and resources, so you can move forward with confidence. Let me provide you with the tools you need to make better decisions for your brand.

  The goal of these sessions:

  • To identify the specific information that can be used to develop more effective branding strategies, communication, service design or products that are tailored specifically for your business.
This is the service for you if you want to take a more strategic approach to your brand decisions.

+ PRE-SESSION CALL so we can focus on what’s important for you and determine the best format to work together.
+ PROPOSAL WITH OPTIONS to choose the best one for you.

+ Brand identity: Defining the brand purpose, mission, values, and brand personality.
+ Brand positioning: Identifying the brand’s target audience, competitors, and market position to develop a differentiated brand positioning strategy.
+ Brand messaging: Developing brand messaging that resonates with your clients and communicates in clear way the brand’s unique value proposition.
+ Brand architecture: Assessing the brand’s portfolio and developing a brand architecture that supports the brand’s overall strategy. Define how do you plan to make your services and programs stand out in your industry.
+ Brand experience: Evaluating the customer experience across all touchpoints and identifying opportunities to improve the brand’s overall customer experience.
+ And more…

As a brand strategy consultant, I have a unique way of interacting with information in a non-linear manner. My thinking process is highly adaptable, allowing me to quickly pivot and explore all possible angles. This approach is rooted in real Information and facts that enables me to provide creative and actionable solutions with a solid foundation. By being open to different perspectives, I can better serve your brand and help you achieve your goals.

Cliente corporativo de consultoría de marca VigmarLabs para The Visual Corner

From the first moment I felt heard and understood.

Working with Mercy has brought us peace and order, as well as increased focus and meaning to our brand. We have gone from having a brand identity that didn’t work for us to one that we love

Also, we discover some main problems that our brands where having but weren’t able to identify so clearly.  She help us make very strategic changes that make a huge difference on our business results. We were lucky to be recommended to work with her.

maria josé g.


It can vary depending if it’s for a personal brand or a company. Once you make a reservation, you will get more Information.

Normally our clients book the consultancy services 2-8 weeks ahead.  So if you would like to work with us we recommend that you contact us as soon as you can.

No we don’t. Thanks for the understanding.

Yes! you can. Send us and email to info[@] to book more sessions or contact us.

Of Course! You can send us an email regarding any doubt you have. 


Simon Mainwaring


Branding workshops, conference, and trainings

If you’re a company or small brand seeking team training or development for new services, products, or experiences, our workshops are the perfect solution. 

With experiential exercises and methodologies, we’ll help you define the best actions to create a cohesive brand strategy, develop new products that align with your corporate values and vision, and create meaningful experiences in a productive and inspiring work environment.

When your entire team is on the same page, they become your best brand ambassadors. I have extensive experience working with multidisciplinary teams and am passionate about exploring the potential of the projects I collaborate on.

Contact me to find out which format would be best for your business.

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