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floral designer branding 

Brand identity creation for an organic flower stylist

Ursula’s floral designs are inspired by the beauty of nature itself, art and fashion. We take her artistic approach, where colour is of great importance, to create a brand identity that resonates with her personal style. 

By observing the beauty of each season we created a beautiful brand universe where the flowers speak for themselves. The main tones of her identity are taken from the Mediterranean and the warmth of the environment. We have also been inspired by materials such as clay, which are very present in her work.

The overall design is minimalist with the focus always being on detail. This is how we approached the three photoshoots we did for the brand.

Photography by Lara López

Photography by Miriam Nuñez

Photography by SeguClau

I love your sincerity and your good work. You have a very clear vision and a way of working that matches very well with my way of seeing the creative side of life.

You have understood the idea of my project from the first moment and you have captured it perfectly. We have understood each other very well and it has given me peace of mind to see how the project was taking shape. I think that being so honest with each other has made everything flow easily.



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