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Amethyst Skincare bran identity and packaging design

A skincare brand that also cares for the planet

Amethyst Skincare was founded by a skincare professional to provide her skin with the best defence against our ever-changing environment. At Amethyst they believe in balance and choosing the right ingredient to treat your skin and help restore and maintain its health. Most of their products have natural ingredients, with a smart, biotech twist, just like their founder!

Although the beauty industry as a whole has a long way to go to reduce its environmental impact, Amethyst is making a great effort to become more sustainable every day. For packaging, they have chosen to avoid plastics as much as possible, using recyclable glass and cardboard packaging. For example, the brand offers a recycling programme that allows consumers to return their packaging.

When designing the identity it was obvious to us to align the colour with the brand name ‘Amethyst’. We also took into account the characterful aspects of the products’ such as quality and balance and integrated this into our design too.

Brand photography


“One of the best experiences I’ve ever had working with a brand stylist.

I knew from our first conversation, Mercy was different. She went above and beyond expectation and saw the potential of what our brand could be. Not only did she provide expert designer advice, she also styled our brand to be unique and impactful in the marketplace. 

We absolutely love the work she did for us. 

nicole s.


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