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Brand identity & creative consultancy for a high-end floral stylist

‘Every flower has its character’ as the charming team at Rita Experience will tell you. This international floral designer, based in Barcelona, needed a new brand identity that would appeal to their ideal audience.They also required fresh brand photography with which they could relaunch their business to customers and partners.

We were happy to introduce Rita Experience to our expert brand photographer, Miriam Nunez. Miriam brought out the brand’s creativity in one of the most fun and inspiring corporate photography sessions we have done in the studio. The result was a fresh portfolio of brand images to reflect the brand’s expertise and ethos of perfectionism.

Film photography by talented Miriam Nuñez

“She put herself in our shoes and knew how to understand us perfectly.
We have always expected high standards and considered ourselves to be perfectionists who are often difficult to sway from what we feel we know. 

We wanted to provide an online showcase that reflected who we are and our way of being and feeling. We discovered Mercy and immediately saw in her all the attributes we were looking for in a collaborator – transparency, professionalism, aesthetic sense, rigor and a strong attention to detail.

Her advice to create a new identity has allowed us to enjoy a new experience – we feel like we have been able to have strong input into the decision making process but with advice and guidance from someone who respects our taste.

ester & joan

I just love this picture from the behind the scenes 😉


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