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10 Signs it’s time to rebrand your business

Branding is more than just appearance; it’s the fundamental story behind your brand. If that story needs a refresh, rebranding is the key. It’s more than a visual facelift; it’s a comprehensive transformation that changes how customers experience your brand. It entails substantial changes across every brand touchpoint, sometimes leading to new services or product designs. From visuals to services, it’s about creating a stronger, more meaningful connection. Wondering if it’s time for this step? Discover the signs indicating it’s time to make this strategic investment.

BESPOKE BRANDING for ANDRA STEINE jewelry designed by The Visual Corner studio

How to recognize the need for rebranding

Rebranding isn’t necessary for everyone; sometimes, a small refresh suffices. Use this exercise to clarify if rebranding is right for your business. Answer these 10 questions with YES or NO, then count the positive and negative answers.


  1. Your work, vision, or clients differ from what people expect when discovering you online.
  2. The image on your communication channels differs from the one in person.
  3. New lines of work, systems, or products need a different brand positioning.
  4. Proud of your business but feel others can’t see or understand your value.
  5. The business is changing, so its identity needs to evolve.
  6. Stuck in the same place with the same clients and works for a long time.
  7. Reputation and contacts are improving, but your brand identity lags behind.
  8. Going through acquisition, fusion, or a significant change and need to reflect it in the brand.
  9. The current brand identity was homemade and now needs a professional touch.
  10. Taking your business to the next level and understand the value of a rebrand aligned with this step.

If you answer positively to more than 2 questions, it’s time for a strategic rebranding process.

How to rebrand your business with The Visual Corner branding & design studio

How to start a strategic rebranding process

My first advice is to seek professional help. Your brand is at the heart of your business, making it a crucial investment. Professionals like me, passionate about delivering positive results, can guide you through the process. Before starting to rebrand your business, you might have questions like these about the process.

How Long Should a Rebrand Take?

  • Personal rebranding can take 6-12 weeks to complete.
  • Corporate rebranding is a very different work and normally can take 3 months up to one year.

How Long for a Rebrand to Show Its Value?

  • When you get feedback you get instant Information about the new brand, but tangible changes are easy to measure in 3-6 months period.

Why Rebrand?

  • To stay relevant, align perceptions, and achieve business goals.

What Is the Main Goal of Rebranding?

  • Depends on the project; it can be for cohesiveness, trust, value showcase, new business approaches, etc.

What Does Rebranding Cost?

  • The cost of rebranding depends on the size of your organization and the changes you want to make. Things like a new logo or a consistent color palette are easy to address. However, when you have to apply these changes across various applications, the costs can add up. Corporate rebranding goes beyond just changing visuals; it involves significant resources to update everything from stationery to various brand elements. It may also include new services or product designs, aiming for a holistic improvement in brand strategy to better connect with customers.

Rebrand your business: our guide to a successful process

Things to Consider:

  • See rebranding as an exercise to define a better strategic approach to business.
  • Work with professionals who deliver tangible results.
  • Involve yourself in the process; you know your business best.
  • Be open to change; bold changes can create a big impact.
  • Brand identity is one part; tone, imagery, confidence, and brand culture matter.
  • Your story, values, and ethics are the core of your business.

When to Consider Rebranding:

  • If you feel it’s time for a change.
  • If your brand tone is correct, you have the right clients, and your value is clear, a complete rebrand might not be necessary.
  • Consider a brand refresh for visual upgrades.

Rebranding vs. Brand Refresh: What’s the Difference?

Examples of rebrand projects from our studio:

L´Arca Barcelona

L’Arca is a brand that specializes in reworked vintage and vintage-inspired dresses and veils, all handcrafted in Barcelona. Their exquisite pieces have been featured in movies such as Titanic and Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona. Today, their online store has earned the prestigious ELLE Best Bridal Boutique Award. However, when we began working together, their online shop had almost zero links, and it was challenging for them to understand why. Their work was of top quality, and they had an excellent reputation in their market. After the rebranding, they were featured in all major publications, including VOGUE, ELLE, HOLA, and many others. You can see the complete case study here.

Rebranding L'Arca Barcelona by The Visual Corner branding studio in Barcelona
Rebranding L'Arca Barcelona by The Visual Corner branding studio in Barcelona

Kusuka Art Baskets

The old Kusuka brand was highly focused on selling simple and beautiful basketry products while emphasizing the benefits of operating as an NGO for community support. Suddenly, they became aware of the complexity of staying relevant to their audience because the brand and products were too general. So they commissioned us for a rebranding focused on repositioning the brand in a more artistic and design-oriented space, targeting an audience interested in art, craftsmanship, and unique pieces. In this case, we not only worked on the brand identity, tone of voice, and imagery, but we also defined a new customer journey and a new site aligned with their new clientele and brand objectives.

Discover the Kusuka rebranding here.

Kusuka premium brand identity design and custom Shopify by The Visual Corner
Kusuka rebranding by The Visual Corner studio

Benefits of rebranding your business

  • Generates fresh excitement in your audience.
  • Offers an opportunity for press releases, launch events, and improved digital presence.
  • Positions your brand uniquely and helps it thrive in a changing landscape.

Experience a seamless business transformation through our expert rebranding services. Whether targeting a new audience, refreshing messaging, or adapting to a change in strategy, we guide you through the process. Recognize the signs – it’s time to rebrand. Elevate your brand to showcase your uniqueness and thrive in evolving landscapes.