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Finding your ideal customer is something every entrepreneur wants, but it seems only a few actually succeed at finding. It’s not always easy to see what does and doesn’t make your brand more appealing to your ideal customer. But being clear on the points I talk about below make a big difference.

Here are my 5 branding tips to connect with the perfect customer for your business:

1- Put your customer first.

This doesn’t mean you’re going to turn your business upside down because of a customer’s needs. It’s about identifying the person or people who represent your ideal customer, analysing what they need and finding all the ways in which you can help them

2- Always keep your values at the forefront.

Your values don’t change with the seasons. They are the central pillars of your business and your brand. If you keep them present in everything you do, you will always be aligned with the essence of your business.

Branding & creative studio in Barcelona by Mercy Guzm√°n

3- Be authentic.

No one can be you, have your vision or your experience. Use your voice, your experiences and your personality to be distinctive.

4- Define your brand style.

Be unique. Don’t be afraid to show your true self. Especially if you are a personal brand. From your wardrobe to the colours of your brand, to the way you speak or write, everything should flow. Don’t try to imitate other brands. Find out what characteristics you are known for which you stand out.

5- Be consistent.

If you want to have a memorable brand, you have to be recognisable. Consistency is the key to achieving this. Be present, be consistent, show your work and people who are aligned with your vision will follow you.

Use your distinctiveness to stand out. Your message, your aesthetic sense, your voice and the story behind your company are what will make your brand memorable. Authenticity is the key to connecting with your ideal customer.


5 TIPS for a PERFECT branding 

A lot of moving pieces go into creating a brand identity for your business.  With our free guide: 5 Tips for perfect branding, you will discover what are the most important pieces of your branding strategy and how to make the most of them. 

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