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Sustainable luxury lingerie brand for conscious women

The attention to intricate detail and passion for handcraft within each piece of the Ariane Delarue collection is something you notice immediately and so during the creation of this brand we felt it was important to carry this philosophy through. Our mission was to create a timeless feminine brand that fits into the world of fine lingerie.

Ariane Delarue’s designs, packaging and website were carefully created with sustainability and environmental impact in mind at every step. Like the artisanal couture techniques used to create all of her products, all of the project’s collaborators were chosen for their affinity with the brand’s values.

The brand’s photography, by Miriam Nuñez, provides an exquisite visual experience for its customers and brings them closer to the fabulous world of lace and silk.

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Custom Web Design for a fashion brand by The Visual Corner studio
Product photography and set design for Ariane Delarue brand

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